Awards 2010

Category photography

Golden Manta


Jérôme Renaud-Goud

Silver Manta

Natural swimming pool, Île des Pins

Patrick Dancel

Bronze Manta

Gorgon in a cloud of apogons

Yves Gillet

Special Audience Award

Happiness is in the herbarium 

Christian Grondin

Category short film

Golden Dugong: Feeding, living and dying - Pierre Laboute

Silver Dugong: It's not complicated - Jeremy Simonnot

Bronze Dugong and Special Audience Award: Blue dream - Thomas Douchy

Special Jury Prize: Retrospective - Eric Clua

Category Slideshow

Golden Turtle : Téâ kanaké aquatica - Matthieu Juncker

Silver turtle: Reef secrets - Julien Barrault

Bronze Tortoise and Special Audience Award: Le petit jardin de la BD - Yves Gillet