Awards 2016

Category photography

Golden Manta

Matthieu Juncker


Sweet Frenzies

Silver Manta

David Tétart


Quiet on the Humbolt

Bronze Manta

Jack Berthomier


A lightning attack in

 the green waters of the mangrove

Special Jury Prize

Karine Rabasse


When a light...

Special mention for emotion

Gino Symus

A baby seal 

posing for the camera

Audience Award

Gill Chabaud


Surfer Fish group 

Category thematic series

Golden stoup - by Jack Berthomier - A dead leaf, a life 

Silver clam -Emmanuelle Camallonga - Nocturnal manta rays in the Maldives

Bronze stoup - Hugues Lemonnier - Off-white

Audience Award - Jack Berthomier - A dead leaf, a life 

Category slideshows

Golden Turtle - Yves Gillet - The Strangers 

Silver Turtle - Fleute Markus - Face to face 

Bronze Turtle - Matthieu Juncker - Sad Days 

Audience Award - Matthieu Juncker - Les jours tristes 

Humor Award - Sylvain Charrière - Wisdom 

Category Clip

Golden Nautilus - Franck Charpentier - Nudi-A-Nu 

Silver Nautilus - Pascale Briançon - The great gathering 

Bronze Nautilus - Samuel Joy - Mother Loche at the dentist 

Audience Award - Franck Charpentier - Nudi-A-Nu 

Category short film

Golden Dugong - Julien Marck - I'm just a shark 

Silver Dugong - Armand Daydé - Le peuple de la nuit 

Bronze Dugong - Pierre Lavigne - Imagine

Audience Award - Franck Charpentier - Where dreams remain