"Brousse" tour

"Brousse" tour

Why a "brousse" tour?

Organized in Nouméa since 2009, the Festival de l'image sous-marine involved only the communes closest to the capital. Organizing a tour brousse had long been on the minds of the festival's volunteers. The festival's cultural and educational offerings had to be offered to the communes furthest from Nouméa.

In addition, it fully meets the association's primary objective of to raise public awareness of the diversity of underwater ecosystems. underwater ecosystems. 

What is the "brousse" tour?

The aim of the brousse tour is to offer a "mini-festival a "mini-festival", in partnership with these communities, organized around around 4 themes:

  • Organization of an exhibition
  • Organization of screenings
  • Welcoming and raising awareness among schoolchildren
  • Help organize events related to the theme of the sea: talks, conferences, showcasing local artists, committed players local service providers with a strong link to the sea, etc. 

How to register 

If your municipality is not one of those already registered, you can write to us via our contact form.

As far as possible, we will try to respond favourably to your requests. 

Sub'limage would like to thank the players who are supporting this tour brousse :
  • Film producers who, in the vast majority of cases, allow films to be shown free of charge;
  • Partner associations that welcome schoolchildren;
  • The local actors of these mini-festivals, and in particular the participating municipalities, for their exceptional welcome.