Institutional partners

Government of New Caledonia

A partner since 2017, the Government of New Caledonia, represented by the Service du Parc Naturel de la mer de Corail et de la pêche (SPNMCP), plays an increasing role in the development of the Festival through its financial support.

The government manages the Coral Sea Natural Park, which covers more than 1.3 million km².

City of Noumea

The city of Noumea has been a partner of the Festival since its inception and provides support:

  • Financially, through the allocation of an annual grant
  • In the organization of school outings (CM1 and CM2 level)
  • In logistical support and communication

Development Research Institute

The New Caledonian Institute of Research for Development has been a partner of the Festival since its inception and provides support through the organisation of an annual scientific conference entitled "The Ocean in the light of research", which highlights several topical themes.

South Pacific Community 

The South Pacific Community has been a partner of the Festival since 2020. A conference on the "Ocean Ambassadors" project was organised that year, which was also marked by a collaboration on an exhibition held for two months in Wallis and Futuna. The Festival is also an opportunity to show SPC's educational films on good practices to adopt in the lagoon.

Maritime Museum 

Created in 1994 on the initiative of the associations Fortunes de Mer Calédoniennes and Salomon.

The Museum invites you, through its new museography and the richness of its collections, to explore the maritime history of New Caledonia and discover the extraordinary voyage of La Pérouse.

Temporary exhibition spaces allow visitors to learn more about various themes related to the maritime environment throughout the year.

There are also play areas for children and their families to discover the museum and learn about maritime history while having fun.